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Positive control wells (PCWs) for Malaria RDTs
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Sealed vial with dried recombinant Pf HRP2, 100 μL dropstir, 5 μL pipette

Positive control wells (PCWs) for Malaria RDTs

New: Positive Control Wells (PCWs) for Malaria rapid diagnostic tests (RDT)
performance evaluation

FIND and Microcoat developed calibrated positive control wells as biological reference material for
evaluating the quality and validity of marketed malaria RDTs after exposure to variable transport
and storage conditions.

About Positive Control Wells (PCWs)

Malaria, caused by Plasmodium parasites, is one of the four most burdensome infectious diseases globally. Malaria rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) present a reliable malaria diagnosis method in remote areas and clinics. However, variability in test performance has been documented which might be due to poor manufacture or to exposure to high temperatures during transport and storage. The vital importance of accuracy in diagnosing malaria, a potentially fatal disease, makes it essential to guarantee product quality.

In collaboration with FIND, Microcoat has developed a calibrated, field-adapted method to evaluate quality and validity of marketed malaria rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) based on HRP2 detection.

These positive control wells (PCWs) contain dried recombinant malaria antigen, HRP2. For use, each PCW tube should be reconstituted in 0.1 mL of sterile PCW water provided with the kit. A dropstir is also provided for transfer of the PCW water to the PCW tube. PCW content is then resuspended by stirring for 2 min with the flat end of the dropstir. The required volume of PCW solution is transferred to the RDT sample well using the micropipette provided with the PCW kit. Then, follow RDT instructions as recommended by manufacturer. If at least a faint test line is visible the RDT lot tested is valid.

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