• Specific endotoxin test based on ELISA principle. Endotoxin is bound to a microwell plate by a LPS-specific phage protein. After washing off the sample matrix, bound LPS is detected using a recombinant Factor C and a chromogenic peptide substrate.
  • EndoLISA® from Hyglos GmbH is used for analysis.
Overview assay procedure EndoLISA®
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  • Sensitivity range: 0.05 EU/ml – 500 EU/ml
  • Specificity: LPS
  • Interference: low interference due to removal of sample matrix by a washing step


  • Low interference due to solid phase-based assay principle. Suitable for complex samples.
  • No activation by ß-glucan
  • Less dilution required


  • One order of magnitude less sensitive compared to LAL and recombinant Factor C assay.

Regulatory status

  • Alternative method according to European Pharmacopoeia, chapter 5.1.10 and FDA (Guidance for Industry 06/2012).