With Microcoat, you have access to over 20 years‘ experience in nearly all facets of custom diagnostic reagent and product development, design, manufacturing, and assembly. As an approved original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we provide you with resources and capabilities to manufacture products under the guidelines of a proven quality system.

Most of our products are customer-specific and produced make-to-order.
Some standard products are free to be sold to any customer, some even from stock.

From 1st April 2020 to 30th June 2020, Microcoat Biotechnologie GmbH will begin the phase-out period for all malaria products. Affected products are the following:

Article number Product name Content
890002 PCW Malaria
890011 PCW Water
890012 GST-Pf-HRP2-W2 (type B) – rec. panel 12×8 strips
890014 GST-Pf-HRP2_W2 (type B) 0.1mg Lyophilisate
890015 GST-Pf-HRP2-FCQ79 (type A) 0.1mg Lyophilisate
890016 GST-Pf-HRP2_PH1 (type C) 0.1mg Lyophilisate
890022 Pf-GST-LDH 0.1mg Lyophilisate
890023 Pv-GST-LDH 0.1mg Lyophilisate
890025 GST-PvLDH – rec. panel 12×8 strips
890026 GST-Pf LDH – rec. panel 12×8 strips

During this period, remaining stocks of the malaria products are still being sold.  Microcoat will then stop production of these products.In exceptional cases and if there is a great demand for a particular grade, this can be requested as a production service. Please contact for this